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Advantages and Disadvantages of QuickBooks Hosting

Are you looking for the advantages and disadvantages of QuickBooks hosting? Then, you are in the right place. In this article, we discuss hosting QuickBooks benefits and disadvantages and some other essential things also. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, you have to read the whole post till the end and follow all the below-mentioned information.  

What is QuickBooks Hosting? 

The hosting gives you permission to store your software and file on a third-party company’s cloud server. It means that you can access your QuickBooks software and all the stored data from anywhere and anytime, whether it is from your home computer or the office and the mobile devices. This allows you to use the software to continue without mobility limitations. 

Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting

  1. Anywhere or Anytime Access Your QuickBooks 

This is the USP of QuickBooks cloud hosting for various small companies that you can access QuickBooks from anywhere. With that, you can access the software from any device such as a tablet, smartphone, and laptop. QuickBooks can be accessed remotely using this application, which allows you to view the software on multiple devices. 

  1. Collaboration Increase

The mobility given by QuickBooks hosting is also important for businesses that have various QuickBooks users. There is no need to install QuickBooks on all the devices and the user is not restricted in how they use the software. It allows users to access the application anywhere or anytime. You can get to work on QuickBooks with all the additional benefits of the cloud-hosted virtual desktop. 

  1. Decrease IT Expenses

It is possible for companies to host QuickBooks on their own private servers. This will get expensive when you add in setup charges, maintenance expenses, and other costs. It can be less expensive to use a remote server instead of an on-premises server for QuickBooks. 

  1. Data Security

The various data and information is stored in your accounting software. From losing this data, you may save the important report or information on your computer or may have saved them on the cloud. So, to secure all the reports or information the hosting QuickBooks takes a number of safety and security measures to make sure that only you have access to your data. 

  1. Support When you Need

You don’t have to wait for on hold or not available services. They offer you help 24/7 via direct chat with U.S.-based specialists. 

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Hosting

  1. Hosting is Expensive

The QuickBooks hosting is quite expensive. When the mobility provided by hosting may be priceless for some organizations, for others this can be taken as an extra cost that puts financial pressure on the enterprise. To find out if the benefits and convenience of a particular product or service outweigh the prices, consider the company’s requirements. 

  1. Availability of the Internet and Outages

Intuit has Authorized hosting to providers to have a high guaranteed uptime, so the server issues will be reduced. The high-speed internet connection can also limit the issues with using your software. 

  1. UI Issues

Using QuickBooks desktop remotely, such as on your mobile phone, maybe different than using it locally. Using QuickBooks Desktop on a mobile device, however, is not supported; however, you get used to it quickly while still enjoying most of the excellent features of Desktop. 

Reasons to Use QuickBooks Hosting Provider

One of the best advantages of QuickBooks online vs QuickBooks desktop is that QuickBooks online can be easily accessed from anywhere. A cloud-hosted QuickBooks program enables you to access it from anywhere, putting you on an equal playing field. The benefits of cloud hosting providers include:-

Remote Access

Anywhere with an internet connection, you can log into your QuickBooks desktop. That’s one of the best reasons to use QuickBooks cloud hosting services. Also can use Windows-based software on Mac. 

Security of data

The QuickBooks cloud hosting takes all the safety and security measures to make sure that your data is safe and only you can access it. 


It is best for those businesses that have multiple users because the software won’t have to be installed on all the computers and there will be no limitation on how users can access the software. 

Below is the list of two different types of hosting providers are:-

  • Commercial- This hosting rents out QuickBooks Licenses on a month-by-month basis. Some companies that have the licenses that also give the standard hosting services.
  • Standard- This is for the businesses that already have the QuickBooks license. If you want to add a new user and need a new license then you need to deal with Intuit. 

Types of Hosting:-

There are three different types of hosting that we mentioned below:-

    • Dedicated Hosting- it allows the user to control the physical server, with the ability to customize it according to their need for stability, scalability, and security. 
    • Shared Hosting- the single physical server hosts multiple user sites, apps, and accounting software. All the users can access the server segment and the data. This server can host almost a hundred users. 
  • VPS Hosting- The VPS is a virtual machine and container, so there is not a physical, dedicated server. Each and all virtual servers can start their own operating system and host the databases, files, and settings. 


Above we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of QuickBooks Hosting. We hope that all the mentioned essential information is helpful and productive for you. If you are interested to know more or have any other issues then visit our other post as well.



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