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A Step By Step Guide To Keeping Silverfish Away

Are you worried about the growth of silverfish in your home? Want to get rid of them? If yes then here’s the stepwise guide that will help you to keep silverfish away. Make sure to follow these steps for keeping silverfish away with ease. You need to follow silverfish infestation treatment.

Step 1: Make Sure There Is No Moisture In Your Home

One thing to consider is that silverfish thrive and grow in those areas that are humid. Whether it is the kitchen or bathroom, you can see silverfish everywhere in the humid environment. For keeping silverfish away, it is important that you keep the area inside the home clean and moisture free.

Silverfish are found in the bathroom because there can be high levels of moisture. If you have moisture in other areas of your home then also you will get to see the silverfish everywhere. For this, you can either use an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier. This will remove excess moisture from the surroundings and prevent the growth of the silverfish.

Step 2: Take Good Care Of Starchy Foods

It is already known that silverfish like to have starchy food items and substances. Not just this, there are dry foods also on which they can thrive. Make sure that you are storing the starchy foods in airtight containers. This helps to prevent silverfish from getting into your kitchen and food items. Always keep the food items covered to prevent their growth and removal from the home.

Step 3: Seal Up Cracks And Holes Where They Hide

Another step in getting rid of them includes sealing the gaps, cracks, and holes. Silverfish can hide in the tiniest cracks in the corners of the homes. In homes, there are various cracks and holes where they can hide because of their thin body structure. So, all that you need to do is to seal the narrow cracks and crevices where you can see silverfish hiding. This step can help prevent silverfish from getting inside your home.

Step 4: Using A Home Remedy

For keeping silverfish away, you can also make use of several home remedies. Using cedar oil can make your home free from silverfish. They find cedar oil’s smell suffocating which makes them leave your home immediately. To get the best results, keep cedar oil in a diffuser and then spray them on the areas where there is an attack of silverfish.

Step 5: Try Calling Professionals For Pest Control

If you are not able to make them leave your home then try calling the professionals for Perth Pest Control Service. They ensure effective results and high quality chemicals to get rid of the silverfish from the home.


One of the common pests found in the home’s humid places is the silverfish. You must follow these above mentioned steps to get rid of them with ease in no time. Make sure to try these Pest control treatments if you’ve silverfish in your home. Apart from this, you can also read our popular blogs like Advantages Of Choosing Pest Control Service Providers And you can fix your home and DIY related things by yourself through our expert tips and advice.



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