The heart is, without a doubt, our most important organ. Throughout your life, it delivers oxygen-depleted blood back to the lungs and pumps oxygen-rich blood to the regions that require it. Given the importance of the heart in keeping your body operating, it must be maintained at peak performance. It has led to the creation of heart or cardiac specialists, sometimes called heart physicians, who keep this intricately constructed organ healthy. They research the heart and work to diagnose, prevent, and treat heart problems such as cardiac arrest, heart failure & coronary heart disease. There are various sub-categories among these specialties.

Top-notch Indian heart care centers have cutting-edge technology and the best physicians and surgeons in cardiology & heart-related therapies to deliver the most up-to-date clinical procedures such as interventional cardiac catheterization & surgical heart transplants. The results speak for themselves, with a 98.50 percent success rate, which is comparable to premier cardiac centers across the world.

Cardiac- care-units and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities such as Echocardiography, Coronary Angiography, Color Doppler, and Nuclear Scanning are also available in cardiology-focused medical centers. Different sorts of heart physicians in India are available to treat your cardiac issues. India is known to be a place with the best cardiologists with great experience. The specialists have years of practice and specialization. The list of the best cardiologists in India is as follows:

Doctor Name


Dr. Bikram Mohanty

27 Years

Dr. Yugal Mishra

40 years

Dr. Amit Malik

12 years

Dr. Ashish Chauhan

28 years

Dr. Sarita Gulati

19 years

Dr. Gaurav Mahajan

18 years

Dr. Ashok Sheth

40 years


  1. Non-invasive Cardiologist

A non-invasive Heart specialist or cardiologist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular problems. These specialists will utilize non-invasive procedures like echocardiograms, nuclear tests, and stress tests to identify your issue and recommend you to an invasive or interventional cardiologist. The majority of their tasks include performing consultations related to cardiovascular issues. Their role depends on the severity of the heart problems faced by patients, and the best cardiologists in India will help to manage the conditions through prescription medicines and help patients maintain their lifestyles.

2.     Invasive Cardiologist

An Invasive Cardiologist’s responsibilities are similar to those of a Non-Invasive heart specialist, but they are also fully authorized to perform cardiac catheterization and other minor invasive procedures or operations. Suppose arterial blockage is discovered during diagnostics. In that case, the patient is sent to an Interventional Cardiac specialist for any subsequent operations, which may involve the insertion of specialized endovascular devices such as stents, balloons, or coils to clear the blood arteries of any blockages.

  1. Electrophysiologist Cardiologist

An Electrophysiologist cardiologist performs a variety of duties. Electrophysiology is the study related to the heart’s bio-electrical impulses, which can provide crucial information about a patient’s cardiac health. The research aids in the detection of irregular heartbeats (also known as arrhythmias or dysrhythmias) as well as other issues that might cause cardiac arrest. They may install pacemakers and defibrillators as required. They may also conduct tests like echocardiography and electrophysiology to map the heart’s electrical activity. Therapies like Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Cardiac Pacemaker implantation, and others are used to remove faulty electrical circuits precisely. They may also prescribe medicine in the treatment of heart failure and regulate a patient’s cardiac abnormalities.

  1. Cardiothoracic Surgeon

You may need to see a cardiothoracic surgeon if the other cardiologists discover concerns. It is a doctor trained to operate on the heart, lungs, thorax, or any part of the body covered by the ribcage. They will do a coronary artery bypass operation, as well as repair or replace heart valves, treat aneurysms in your chest, and execute any other procedures that may be required.

  1. Vascular Surgeon

What if you have problems with the circulatory system, such as peripheral arterial disease, in the arteries, veins, and lymphatic systems of the heart, brain, or other parts of the body? You will need to visit and be treated by a vascular surgeon for this. They assist in the treatment of peripheral artery disease, the opening of arteries to avoid strokes, and the implantation of stents in abdominal aortic aneurysms and other blocked blood channels. In addition, they are the cardiologist who deals with cardiac and vascular problems that occur outside of the chest.


As you can see, not all cardiologists are the same, and each plays a specific role in the treatment of patients suffering from heart issues. You’ve probably seen a few different kinds previously. If your doctor addresses any difficulties with you, this might help you figure out who you’ll visit and what they might be able to do for you. If you need to visit another cardiologist, don’t hesitate to approach your primary care physician and ask for the best cardiologists in India to get the necessary treatment.



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