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A Guide to Earning Extra Money Through Side Jobs

Picking up a side job can be a good way to squirrel away extra cash, pay down debt and even start a new career. Do take care when putting in the extra work to avoid increasing your spending once you have more money; you can rapidly wipe out your gains by spending excessively.

Block Out Time For Your Side Jobs

Depending on the side job you want to do, you’ll need to dedicate time to it on a regular basis. For example, if you want to do some freelance writing or do data entry, you may need to get up early and put in the time before your family gets up or before you go to your full-time job.

If you plan to serve as a rideshare driver, be aware that it may cut into your social life. While rideshare drivers, waiters and bartenders can make money while others are spending theirs, you may start to feel overloaded. Do make time to connect with friends and have some fun with your favorite folks!

Use What Gear You Have

If you have the right vehicle, hauling jobs can be quite lucrative. You can choose which jobs you want to do and be paid quickly if you use one of the best apps for truckers. This makes it easier to get paid and to get started right away. For those who don’t own a truck of any sort, owners of newer cars can sign up to serve as rideshare drivers. Even if your vehicle doesn’t qualify as a rideshare vehicle, you can still deliver groceries and prepared foods from restaurants. For best results, do make sure that you’re available to do this work on weekends and during the evenings.

Go For the Employee Discount

If you have a craft that you are successfully selling, consider working one or two days a week at a craft store that sells products you can incorporate into your products. For those who want to start a side job as a handyman or a furniture assembler can really use the employee discount offered by a hardware store.

The employee discount can also be beneficial for some home party sellers, though you will need to watch the investment required. For example, there are many MLM businesses that make it possible to buy high end kitchen gear. If you’re considering starting a catering business, selling such products may be a beneficial side job.

Even a clerking job at a big box store can contribute to your side job. For example, you might market your skills as a housekeeper. Your supplies and gear can be purchased at a discount and included as a service fee in addition to your cleaning wage. By providing both product and service, you can make life easier for your clients and increase your marketability.

Put Your Hobbies To Work

If you have a tshirt quilts diy craft that you use to create gifts, consider selling these items on a crafting platform such as Etsy. To launch such a business, you may need to do some searching to find a cheap source for your raw goods. For example, if you can make beautiful baby quilts from new fabric, start hitting thrift shops and look for

  • sturdy cotton children’s clothing
  • used sheets and pillowcases of crisp, 100% cotton
  • used fleece blankets to serve as fill

Hand-quilting for cash is generally not cost effective. Those who can crochet and knit will quickly find that they make less than $1.00 an hour for what they sell. However, if you’re working on your projects for pleasure while watching television, the hourly wage may not matter as much to you.

Route Your Payments Into a Separate Account

No matter what side job you take, put the money into a separate account from your regular funds. If it just goes into your wallet or straight into your regular checking account, you will spend it before you’re aware of it.

If possible, route this income via direct deposit into a savings account. To start, don’t set up a checking account or get a debit card. Your side job income can just stack up in that account; if you must take money out, you can visit the bank and pull cash. By making it hard to access this money, you have a better chance of keeping it for an emergency.


Side jobs can add a great deal of value to your life in just a few hours a week. Set small goals; your first payout may just be enough to cover a tank of emergency gas. Save until you have enough for groceries, then utilities, then rent or your house payment.



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