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A Guide to Appelt’s Diamond’s Jewelry Repair Services

Are you on a diamond hunt for a special occasion? Have you been meaning to repair your cherished now-broken jewelry but cannot find a good quote? Do you have an out of order watch lying around? If so, we, at Appelt’s Diamond, got you covered! Situated in multiple locations spanning Winnipeg and Morden, we continue to attract a wide customer base, both new and old. We offer old jewelry repair services and a vast assortment of diverse brand new gemstone options. 

We sustain long-term relationships with several expert goldsmiths and related service specialists working round the clock at all our Morden and Winnipeg locations. We do our work in-house, controlling every aspect of the process. We offer a wide variety of jewelry options at all our stores as well as our online platform. So, if you have any jewelry-related needs, from craving a new one to fixing an old one, we have a solution for it all.

Appelt’s Jewelry Repair Services

We promise in-house work, so your jewelry will never leave the store. Our in-house goldsmiths and experts will repair your chains, replace your gemstones, create the custom piece you always imagined, re-tip claws, and size rings within a few days’ time. You can even bring your broken eye glasses and we will weld it with our state of the art laser welding device.

We believe in acute punctuality, so if you leave your jewelry with us for general repair-related demands, you can expect to hear back from us within 2 to 3 business days. Note that the time varies depending on the job, because we aim to please and we are strictly against taking shortcuts. If you are curious about the repair time and want to plan things ahead, our expert specialists can help you with a timeline.

If you want an accurate quote, simply bring in your jewelry and we will offer a free estimate after our expert specialists take a thorough look. We mention all prices upfront so that you can be transparent about whether you wish to go forward with the repairs. There are no hidden costs involved in the process.

Appelt’s Watch Repair Services

Our in-house expert Horologist and professional, experienced watch maker, Ilya boasts 29 years in the field of refurbishing and repairing all- and we mean all- kinds of watches. Famous in and around Manitoba for his experience and expert knowledge in the field, he is certified and trained in dealing with all brands of timepieces, including but not limited to Omega, Tissot, and Rolex. We can provide you with a detailed list of certifications under his name.

Ilya happens to be the horologist behind most watch repairs taking place regularly in and around Winnipeg. You can come see him directly at our Ness Avenue location instead of having your watch shipped away. He is forever ready to assist you with any and every kind of watch repair and service needs. So, every time you are looking for a horologist in Winnipeg, you know who to go for.

You can buy diamond, gold, and other jewelry pieces for both cash and Appelt’s gift cards at any of our locations. Our jewelry and watch repair services are just as reliable. But note that local bi-laws suggest you bring the repair items along with 2 identity proofs to finish up the service process.



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