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8 Tips for Smart Maintenance of Eavestrough

Eavestrough is generally installed on the roofs to avoid clogging and leakage problems in the event of incessant rains.  Mere installation is not just enough. Their maintenance and repair is equally important.

When you start taking rain gutters for granted, it can result into immense destruction to your property, costing you pounds on its repair and maintenance. Further, immense water leaks and penetrations can damage the internal structure of your living and work areas.

Therefore, to prevent huge repair costs and structural damages to your property, it is essential to upkeep them regularly. Read below some tips to keep your Eavestrough in Toronto and downspouts running in the long run.

  1. Know When and How to Clean the Eavestrough:

The rain gutter and downspouts get clogged with debris and leaves, which further blocks the drain outlets. Blocked drain outlets result in water overflows, resulting in pulling the gutters loose from their fascia.

Hence, it is vital to get them inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Further, proper methods and techniques o cleaning should be adopted.

  1. Seal the Joints:

Joints of the Eavestrough are more prone to damages and most of the leaks occur at the places where two corners are adjacent or meet each other. In case there are leaks or cracks in the joints, they should be sealed in no time. You can make use of silicone sealant to seal the edges temporarily and prevent further leaks. But if the problem persists longer, you should get gutters fixed by professionals.

  1. Lift and Straighten:

Nuts and bolts of the rain gutters tend to loosen up with the passage of time. Inspect them, maybe they just require a small hammering instead of complete replacement.

Furthermore, straighten the gutter by thoroughly tightening the fasteners. The sagging sections of the gutters can be pulled up by striking the spike heads with a hammer deep into the rafts. In case the gutters are fastened with metal brackets, pliers should be used to bend the straps that bridge the gutter with perks.

  1. Repair those Small Patches:

Seasonal repairs are effective in preventing the clogging of the downspouts.  Inspect the Eavestrough and look for cracks, rusty regions, and leaks. Rusty, leak areas should be replaced, as one black spot can pose a bigger problem in future.

Before you directly head for Eavestrough, gutter repair services, cut a piece of fiberglass, wipe off the rust and place it over the damaged areas and layer it with roof cement. Smoothing the patches with fiberglass avoids the chances of ridges caused by water flows.

  1. Extend the flow:

The water pouring out through the downspouts should flow into a pit or underground drain. If you have not made any of these provisions, there are increased chances of moisture, mold, and leakages.  In order to avoid these problems, the water should be allowed to flow through the downspouts freely away from the foundation areas.

  1. Screen Leaves:

Leaves tend to clog the gutters. Hence the eavestrough and rain gutters should be kept free from debris and dried leaves.

  1. Safety is MUST:

In case the repairs are minute and do not require the help of professionals, you can carry out themselves. But make sure you employ proper techniques and safety methods. Use a ladder to reach out the roof and make sure it is stable on the ground. While climbing the ladder, keep your body between the two rails and one hand should always be on the ladder all the time.

  1. Take the Help of a Professional:

If the damages are immense and cannot be tackled with a DIY project or you are unknown with the cleaning procedures, you must look for professionals.  They will deploy the best cleaning methods and guide you throughout the maintenance process.





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