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8 Things To Consider When Buying Girls’ Tights

When buying tights, many people often have no idea where to start. It is because there are so many types of tights, but they all look the same. They usually come in a few monotone colours, except for some wild print tights here and there. This blog post will detail the 8 things you should consider when buying girls’ tights.


It’s important to get the right size of tights for you. If they are too small, the elastic band at the top of the tights may not be tight enough and cause discomfort. Conversely, if they are too big, then they will be loose and baggy in places that should fit snugly.

Also, check that you have ordered a style of tights that matches your child’s height range. For example, if you order high-rise ballet leggings for a 3-year-old whose waist is 24 inches (60cm), it could cause problems as these would fall over her hips or waist as she moves around during class.


The stretchiness of tights is important to consider because it will determine how well the tights fit. Additionally, stretchiness can help determine how long your tights last and their durability with repeated use over time.

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Some tights are machine washable, and others aren’t. If you want to be able to throw your child’s ballet leggings in with the rest of the laundry, then choose a pair that is machine washable.

Some styles will not tolerate the heat of a tumble dryer, which means either hand-washing them or hanging them up to air dry. Also, if you have a large family and many pairs of tights, it can be hard on the environment (and your wallet) if you’re constantly buying new ones because yours are damaged by washing incorrectly.

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Once you’ve considered colour and pattern, it’s time to think about functionality. Tights are not just for girls who wear dresses! They can be worn as a base layer under pants or jeans, as an outer layer for warmth in winter (or even on warm summer days), and even as a fashion accessory. If you’re buying tights for your daughter, consider what kind of activities she’ll be doing while wearing them. For example, if she plays sports or dances often, invest in thick-gauge cotton compression socks that won’t fall easily during activity but still allow her to move freely. 

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When buying girls’ tights, you want to consider the patterns and styles that are popular with young girls. It’s a good idea to look for tights that have hearts, flowers, or other patterns on them. Girls love wearing these tights because they are used for many occasions like parties or Sunday school.

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Tights come in all patterns, from solid colours to stripes and leopard prints. If your daughter plans on wearing them as a fashion accessory, then go for something fun! If you’re shopping for yourself or another woman who doesn’t want tights that draw attention away from an outfit she’s wearing, try going with plain black or nude tones.

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Tights come in a variety of different materials.

Some of the most popular materials are

  • Nylon: It is soft, breathable, and won’t irritate your skin like other types of tights. Nylon also provides excellent coverage for cold days because it traps air inside to keep you warm.
  • Cotton: It is the most common fabric for tights and the cheapest to produce. It has a breathable feel and often comes in various colours and patterns.
  • Polyester is a synthetic material that’s breathable, durable, and machine washable (unlike cotton). It can be found in many different styles at an affordable price—including fishnet tights!
  • Spandex: It’s a synthetic material that is elastic, durable and comfortable. Spandex is usually found in lycra or microfiber tights.
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As you can see, there are many factors to consider when purchasing girls’ tights. The most important thing to remember is that you want to find comfortable, durable, and affordable tights. Whether you choose cotton, polyester or spandex is up to you, as each fabric type has unique benefits.



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