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7 Tips for Shooting Interviews, From the Background to the Mic

Always use Wireless Radio Mics

Shooting Interviews Using a wireless radio mic would not only take away the hassle with wires, but also it reduces the number of personnel involved to just one. Also, you can be free to position the interviewee anywhere you like, irrespective of the length of the wire!

Take consistent shots

Ensuring consistency in shots is extremely important and you should take care in maintaining the same zoom level for your close-ups, mid shots and long shots. Changing zoom level with cuts will always look very odd........................................................................

Keep the camera at eye level

Remember that the viewer sees what the camera shows. If you keep the camera above the eye of the interviewee, the audience might feel superior; if it’s below the interviewee’s eye level then the audience might feel inferior. Always keep the psychology of positioning and height in mind. Even here the power dynamics are important!

Always position the interviewee on one side of the camera

If your interviewee is talking directly into the camera, it would seem unusual. Also, not all interviewees are confident with that. This is why, you should always position your interviewee and interviewer on either sides of the camera so that they maintain an eye contact. It will not only make the audience feel warm, but also keep the interviewee comfortable throughout the interview.

Maintain some distance between the camera and the subject

Keeping your camera at a distance would be helpful in creating a nice depth of field and the background less flat and lifeless. With good lighting you could create a good field depth by keeping your aperture low. Also, try to avoid changing zoom levels between shots as it seems amateurish and annoying to watch oploverz.bz.

Location and background Shooting Interviews

Your choice of location and background is very important when conducting an interview. A loud outdoor place would affect the sound quality of the interview. It’s always good if you could control the background, otherwise there can be a lot of things which could cause interference oploverz bz.

Consider the sound quality of the space you choose – Echo in rooms can cause a cold, airy sound whereas a cosy room would produce a much warm and intimate sound. Look for what suits the interview.

Also, keep the sensibilities of the interviewee in mind when selecting a location. The main priority should lie in content and not the design of the set. Select a location that would reinforce the message and content without distracting from the main focus of the shot.

Lightning Shooting Interviews

Poor lightning can easily spoil any interview. This YouTube video will help you understand the best practices in lightning.

Follow these guidelines as much or as little you see fit but your aim should always be to produce engaging and informative content.

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