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7 Things That Most of Us Carry In Our Wallet

When leaving the house, most people take a purse or wallet with them. However, this important accessory can become a potential traitor if too much personal information is stored in it. Some items should not be kept in it under any circumstances. Theft or loss of a wallet will lead to serious material damage: you will lose not only money, but also jeopardize your safety. Whether you have a simple wallet or a keychain wallet, here are some things you should not keep in it.

Password data and pin codes 

Many people do not rely on their own memory. Moreover, the abundance of all kinds of cards in our time turns the process of remembering passwords into an almost impossible task. If you are faced with the fact that you cannot remember these data and you have to write them out separately, in no case do not keep them in your wallet. Otherwise, you are literally handing them to would-be robbers. 

Large cash amounts 

You should carry with you only the amount that is required directly in the store. There is no need to keep all the salary you just received in your wallet. It is better to keep your money is a safe place and your wallet sure is not the best place to save it.

Spare keys 

If your wallet contains a spare key to your apartment, it will not be difficult for a thief to follow you and find out where you live. Further, the robbery of the apartment becomes only a matter of time. Do not expose your home to such danger. 


Receipts from purchases, especially large ones, should be kept. However, refrain from carrying them in your wallet. Keep them in a designated area at home. You have no idea how much valuable information skilled scammers can extract. 

Identity cards and documents 

Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license – all these documents carry an almost complete list of your personal data. It is extremely dangerous to have them with you everywhere in your wallet, which can be easily stolen. 

Bank cards 

Yes, they can be quickly blocked and restored later. But this is time, nerves and strength. In addition, many cards are now equipped with a contactless payment system if the amount does not exceed a thousand rubles. This is in the hands of thieves. 

Cell Phones 

This is an infrequent occurrence in our world, but still, some people carry mobile phones in their wallets. A modern gadget is not a cheap device. In addition, by hacking the security system, criminals will gain access to your personal data. 

Prescriptions for medicines 

Recipes are issued one time and subject to conditions. If you have not yet bought the right medicine, take care of the prescription as the apple of your eye. Otherwise, you will have to make an appointment again. 

Things that can be jinxed 

If you are prone to superstition, this item is for you. You should not keep things in your wallet that can jinx, for example, photos of children, parents, and close friends. Do not keep religious items in your wallet: icons cross. But you can store talismans: a spatula, a purse mouse, a toad, and others. It is also not recommended to keep “easy” money in it. Simply put, these are those that were won or donated, in general, not earned.



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