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7 Surefire Tips For Promoting Your Business Online!

Promoting Your Business Online One of the ‘secrets’ to achieving online business success is to use the right promotional tactics and strategies. As long as you do this, you increase your chances of success dramatically. Shooting in the dark is one surefire way to fail. Here’s 7 tips to take your business to the next level:

Surefire Tip #1: Write Compelling Ad Copy

Get some copywriting chops or hire/outsource a copywriter to do your ad copy. Converting visitors into sales is just as important as getting traffic itself. Learn from master copywriters like Joe Sugarman and John Carlton.

Surefire Tip #2: Spend Most Of Your Time Marketing

Marketing is the most important activity in your business, followed by product creation. If you are not consistently marketing your business and getting traffic, you will not be able to make a solid income.

Surefire Tip #3: Create A Central Site Promoting Your Business Online

If you have a suite of products, create a central site promoting all the products. In other words, create a ‘center’ site for your business, where your customers can view all of your products.

Surefire Tip #4: Interact With Your Customers Promoting Your Business Online

Interact with your customers by creating a blog and inviting them to comment on your posts. Participate in forums where your target market is and establish a reputation as an expert.

Surefire Tip #5: Get Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Promoting Your Business Online

Word of mouth marketing is one of the powerful forms of marketing. If your customers like your products, give them an avenue to let others know. It can be as simple as telling them to forward your email newsletter to others if they like it. You can even ask your customers to participate in your affiliate program. Which brings us to…

Surefire Tip #6: Create Your Own Affiliate Program Promoting Your Business Online

An affiliate program allows others to signup and promote your products so they can earn a commission. The benefits: you reward others for marketing your products. You get more traffic.

Surefire Tip #7: Go To Where Your Customers Are

If your customers are participating in forums, you should too. If they are searching for products in your niche on Google, you should be trying to get into the search engines through pay per click advertising or search engine optimiziation.





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