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6 Ways To Style Your Swimwear

Don’t you all love summertime and the beach, of course? But there’s one thing that makes everyone feel like they should be at a pool hall instead: swimwear. And while it can be fun to throw on a bikini or wrap yourself in an old sheet, you don’t have to stop there! So you can make your swimwear look cool by pairing it with other pieces—and these six flattering swimwear ideas will help you do that!

Wear it with a dress

Suppose you’ve got a dress or skirt that’s a little too long for the occasion, no worries! Just throw on a swimsuit under it and call it good. The swimsuit will prevent your legs from being cold and give them extra coverage if you’re worried about flashing someone (or everyone) when you sit down. Suppose this sounds like something that might work for you; pick a flattering one. The last thing anyone wants is an unflattering pair of underwear peeking out from underneath their clothes.

Add a long, flowy skirt

Here’s a look that’s both cute and practical. You can wear a skirt over your swimsuit (or even use it as a cover-up) or add one to your swimwear ensemble. Ensure the skirt has a pattern or print—it will add visual interest without being too overwhelming. Try pairing it with simple sandals, or go for something bolder, like these animal print wedges. You could also add some accessories like earrings, bracelets or rings.

Tie a sarong over the top

If you feel a little extra fancy, tie a sarong over the top. You can wear this in different ways: wrap it around your waist, tie it at the front or back and then wrap it across your chest and tuck it into your bikini bottoms if they have them (if they don’t, use an elastic waistband).

You could also wear this style over a dress or skirt – either way, looks great!

Add a pair of shorts

If you’re looking to add a little more coverage, shorts are an easy way to do so. For example, you can wear them under your swimsuit, over your swimsuit or as an extra layer on top. You can pair them with any type of bathing suit, short or long but make sure that the shorts will cover up as much skin as possible if you wear them without a shirt underneath. 

Wear it under a see-through outfit

One prefered way to style swimsuits is to wear them under sheer outfits. You can pair a fitted one-piece with a sheer top or a bikini with a sheer skirt and dress. The great thing about this look is that you can still get the coverage of your swimsuit without having to worry about being too revealing. Usually, women choose solid colour tops and bottoms so that they don’t compete with the outfit’s pattern underneath.

Wrap a jacket around your waist

If you want to spice up your swimwear, try wrapping a jacket around your waist. Then, it’ll create an exciting look and make it feel like you’re wearing something new! If you don’t have one on hand, use a scarf or belt instead.

This will be the easiest way to get creative with your outfit without buying additional pieces of clothing.

These are just a few ways you can wear your swimsuit, but you can also come up with some fantastic ideas of your own! Hope this helps you experiment with what works for you and feel confident.



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