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5 Top Large Parrots to Keep as Pets

5 Top Large Parrots to Keep as Pets

As popular pets, large parrots have a long history. Although they are fun pets to have in the home, you should be aware of some important facts before you get one. They are intelligent, and can get bored easily if they don’t have enough stimulation. Inadequate social interaction can also lead to behavioral problems or even illness. If they are properly cared for, large parrots can provide unrivalled companionship and an unforgettable pet experience. These are eight large parrots that you should consider keeping as pets.

African Grey

African greys have intelligence and emotional capacities comparable to a 5-year old human. These birds are not mature enough to live beyond the age of 5 years. They can live up to 50 years. A bored, unattended African grey can quickly become a destructive escape artist. Many caretakers have to constantly find new ways to keep their pet occupied


The striking eclectus, a large parrot with multiple options, is one of the most distinctive. The plumage of male and female eclectus is different because they are sexually dimorphic. The males are bright green, while the females are red with bluish purple accents. There are also three distinct species of eclectus Parrots. The eclectus parrot, like many large parrots, can live for over 50 years when properly cared for.

Umbrella Cockatoo

If taken care of properly, umbrella cockatoos will live for 70 to 80 years in captivity. These birds are gentle and sweet and form strong bonds with their caregivers. Many birds love to snuggle up with their bird friends and can become upset if they are not together. It’s essential to make time for these intelligent, social birds.

Yellow Naped Amazon

The yellow-naped Amazon, one of the most talkative parrots in the family, makes a great companion bird. They are happy and social birds that bond well with their caregivers. If properly cared for, these birds can live up to 70 years. This is not something to take lightly.How Long Does a Ferret Live (Ferret Lifespan)

Sulphur-Crested Coockatoo

The sulphur-crested bird has a long life expectancy of approximately 80 years. It comes in two sizes. The larger sulphur-crested bird measures approximately 20 inches from the beak to the tail, while the smaller sulphurcrested cockatoo is about 15 inches. These birds, like other cockatoos have a reputation of being affectionate and need to spend lots of time with their caregivers.

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