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5 Tips to Improve the Design a Commercial Building

Designing a commercial building requires a huge investment of time, money and labor. Even if you invest a lot, the contractors and workers can cause delays due to various factors such as material, weather conditions and extra charges. In short it is not an easy job. There can be multiple unforeseen events which can hold up your project if you do not choose the right party through a lot of research.

Once you have hired reputed architectures for designing your building, all you have to do is discuss your ideas to make it more innovative. Besides enhancing the curb appeal of your building, add some efficient features.

Here are some tips on how you can improve the design of a commercial building-

Create Enticing Entrance-

If you want your clients to get through the doors, then focus on creating an enticing entrance that will leave them awestruck. You can choose certain colour combinations and logo of your brand to make it look more professional. Incorporate some green plants on the sides of the walkway or go for structural changes around the main door.

Add pillars and hardware that goes with the exterior design. Spruce up the decor by making it more welcoming.

Use the Right External Materials-

The exterior appearance of your building creates the first impression. The materials you are choosing for exterior can make a difference. We would suggest you go for glass facades since they are not only trendy and aesthetically striking but also helps in improving the energy efficiency of the building.

It becomes hard to pay the bill of a vast building with lots of employees working inside. If you go for glass facades to cover the exterior, it can keep the inside warm in cold weather and vice-versa. It allows the right amount of light to enter through it. Therefore, reducing the amount of your electricity bill.

Create Sync in Your Property-

Different areas of your office should not appear separate that is-create a flow within your property. This can be achieved by combining different material, colour and design of structure. Adding lights at appropriate places can give visual depth to the structure.

Landscaping the Exterior-

If you want to transform the look around your building, then go for landscaping. It may require some planning but adding shrubs, plants and trees can improve the appearance and keep the air around your office clean.

Another feature that is going trendy these days is adding planters’ boxes at different storeys of your building where you can set green plants in the structure of the building. Doing so will also uplift the mood of your employees and refresh their mind.

Create the Right Lighting-

Add big bright lights at the appropriate location around the building. Illuminate your building during the evening by placing lights near the entrance, gardens and darker areas. Lights help in deterring burglars from hiding at dark places before the theft. Try to incorporate lights that match the interiors and the exteriors and use the light with the same brightness.



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