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5 Things to Consider When Building or Designing a New Patio for Your Home 

Building a patio is a great way to enhance the living space in a home. However, to come up with the best designs for patios in Melbourne, one has to be careful in planning and consider all the factors present. With various design options available in the Australian market, it’s not often easy finding the right one. But don’t worry! This article highlights the best things to consider when building a patio for the home. 

Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. The city is dubbed one of the most livable cities in the world. Moreover, it’s also known as the “Sporting Capital of the World.”

So, designing patios in Melbourne can help homeowners make the most of their property, adding aesthetics and value by completely upgrading the areas around their homes. And if Melbourne residents want to add functional but visually lovely space for the house, then patios are the way to go. And here are some things to consider before setting up a patio:

  • Location of the Patio

Most houses in Melbourne have patios nearby or attached to the home. For those with room to spare, patios can be placed in a position that looks or feels the best. Of course, the position of the patio will also depend on its purpose. So, if the patio is being built to host parties and other casual functions, building one close to the house is recommended. If it is a space for winding down or relaxing, then it might be best to build it in an outdoor area like a garden. But whatever the case, patios must fulfil functionality as efficiently as possible.

  • Size of the Patio

Another factor to consider is the size of the patio. Larger ones take up more space and cost more. More size also means more space for guests and better room for furniture or other accessories. The more amenities the homeowner wants to add, the more area will be required so that the patio doesn’t feel congested or cramped. Besides, people must have enough space on the patio to move freely without bumping into each other or furniture. 

  • Materials Required

Materials used for the patios must reflect the house or the surrounding area where it is built. If the materials aren’t cohesive with the house, the patio will look out of place, which will be visually unpleasant. Meanwhile, natural stone is the most popular material for patios in Melbourne as they come in many colours and can blend in easily with a wide variety of styles. Then there’s brick and concrete, both of which are affordable for those with budget constraints. Gravel is also another great option for patios.

  • Permits and Zoning Laws

Melbourne residents need to get permits from the governing bodies if they want to get the patios built. They must also check in with the city’s zoning laws and make sure that everything is up to the standards set forward by the Melbourne City council. 

Homeowners building a patio for the first time may find the whole process overwhelming but rest assured, once they are done with it, it’s smooth sailing from there. 

  • Patio Maintenance

Building a patio for a home is one thing, and maintaining it in good condition all year round is quite another. So, consult with professional builders and ask them to recommend durable materials that are stain-proof for patios. Also, ensure that the patios are well protected and have a proper drainage system to prevent water from collecting and causing damage. 

A patio is a fine addition to homes in Melbourne. So think ahead and make the best of all the available options!



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