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5 Things Need to Know About ISB Interview

The Indian School of Business (ISB) admissions process is a multifaceted procedure, it is comes with the utmost patience and dedication. Every stage of the hiring process, including the interview, is when ISB evaluates new applicants.

ISB has 82 faculty, teaching assistants, and specialists from 14 different countries, with backgrounds spanning from three to more than thirty years. More than 64% of faculty members hold advanced degrees. Over 400 pupils from more than 50 different countries are represented by 61 percent of the staff who have experience teaching abroad. Age ranging 3–18, with 15 students on average per class, and an 8:1 student–teacher ratio.

The alumni panellist are expressly forbidden from placing applicants under excessive stress. Many applicants who are concerned about the intensity of the questioning in these interviews should feel relieved by this.

While the interview isn’t always the deciding factor, it can help you seal the deal. get acceptation in ISB, a weak interview can negatively affect your chances.

However, alumni panellists are specifically requested to adhere to the old saying “One Inch Wide, Ten Inches Deep” when discussing important aspects of candidates’ profiles, such as work experience, projects completed, clarity of future goals, assertions made in the essays regarding personal and professional virtues, etc.

Basic Structure of Interview

The alumni ISB admission process is heavily renown. Through this procedure, ISB attempts to match a candidate with a panel of two to three alumni who may have profiles resembling the candidate, however this is not a guarantee.

The interview panel works to evaluate a candidate on their profile, experience, future aspirations, and fitting during a typical ISB interview, which lasts between 25 and 30 minutes. As a result of ISB’s extensive and diversified alumni base, there will inevitably be some variation in the results. This gives the panel a lot of flexibility and dynamism so that it can evaluate candidates in a tone, style, context, and length that may be appropriate for the panel.

Most Common Questions

  • Tell us something about yourself
  • Tell us something that is not there in your application
  • What are some of the challenges you face at work?
  • What is your biggest/best achievement at work?
  • Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?
  • How will an MBA help you achieve your goals?
  • Why do you think ISB PGP is the best choice for you?
  • Why should we select you?
  • What is your career goal? How will ISB help you in achieving it?
  • Would you like to ask anything to the interview panel?

Work Experience

the interviewers will explore Your work profile, responsibilities, roles, team structure, project delivery, approach, alternative techniques, business decisions, work culture, etc. Make sure you are really, extremely knowledgeable about your work involvement. You can absolutely anticipate that the panellists will discuss the challenges given by the initiatives listed in the application and the personal values discussed in the first essay.

Future Plans

This is a very important puzzle piece that can make or break a candidate’s case.

No reputable business school in the world would accept an applicant who is merely searching for a way out of their current position or function or who believes that using an MBA will miraculously enable them to move into a leadership position. ISB is not an exception.

It places a high weight on a candidate’s ability to articulate their objectives. A few extremely significant factors that interviewers would look to learn in the context of one’s career aspirations include quality of prior experience, hard and soft skills acquired, necessary educational qualifications, industry or functional knowledge, and correlation to one’s transferable skills.

Present Mind

Potential graduates of ISB must be perceptive, intelligent, and multilateral in nature. Students that can think critically and be good at many different things make up any vibrant cohort.

Candidates should be well-prepared for simple puzzles and guesstimates. The ISB interviewer may be tempted to gauge the sincerity and depth of your interest if you mention any of these topics in your application. However, questions about current affairs, politics, sports, economy, etc. aren’t frequently asked during the ISB interview.



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