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5 Signs it May Be Time to Move into an Assisted Living Facility

As we get older, certain signs may warrant needing professional help. We may have reduced mobility, or even memory-related concerns that could lead us to require daily assistance. For many families, choosing assisted living is the obvious choice. 

It’s a great solution for families who want to make sure that their older loved ones are well taken care of and looked after around the clock. However, recognizing the signs is crucial. Here are some of the most telltale signs that it may be time to consider transitioning into assisted living.

Decreased Mobility

If you notice that getting around is becoming a problem, then this could be a telltale sign. Seniors who have difficulty performing simple daily tasks because of a lack of mobility, or are frequently falling would be a great candidate for assisted living. These facilities offer assistance around the clock with everything from bathing to getting dressed, to managing resident’s medication.  That way you know that they have the proper around-the-clock help and supervision that they need.

Increased Forgetfulness

If your loved one starts to forget things more and more frequently this could be a sign of cognitive decline. Certain cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s can be a serious issue and require around-the-clock care. 

As conditions like Alzheimer’s can continue to progress, individuals could find themselves to the point of not being able to look after themselves at all.  In an assisted living facility, you know that your loved one is surrounded by a staff well-equipped to provide the necessary support and supervision they require.

Lack of Social Interaction

Seniors who start to isolate themselves and lack a social life may benefit from the community environment of assisted living. A social life is more than just something that brings us joy, it is a necessary part of preserving our mental health. So, living in an assisted living facility with plenty of other community members and organized social events can be a wonderful way to keep your older loved ones socialized.

Difficulty Taking Care of Themselves

Keeping up with household chores and even bathing yourself can become a challenge past a certain age. If you notice that your older loved one is starting to neglect housework, and even their own personal hygiene, then this could be a sign that they require professional help. 

An assisted living facility removes the need to worry about home maintenance, paying bills, or cooking meals. It’s a stress-free lifestyle that’s perfect for seniors having trouble doing it all themselves.

It’s Becoming Hard for The Family

As much as we might like to take care of our older loved ones ourselves, sometimes it’s not always easy with a family and full-time job. If your family is experiencing burnout trying to look after your older loved one, then passing off the job to a professional may be exactly what is called for. That way, family members can focus on being supportive in other ways, while letting professionals handle the rest.



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