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5 Shopping Tips: High Bay Light Fittings

High bay light fixture can provide plenty of illumination to any area, making them ideal for overhead lighting. High bay Light Fittings products, like all other types of fixtures, should be carefully chosen in order to avoid issues with excessive brightness or energy consumption. AGM Electrical Supplies has many high bay light options and will help you find the perfect one for your business. Continue reading to find five tips for buying high bay lights fixtures.

High Bay Lighting Is Best Viewed From The Ceiling

The most important tip is to inspect the ceiling height for high-bay lighting. The ceiling must be 16 feet high or more to be considered high enough that high bay lighting is required. If your ceiling falls below 16ft, you can use ordinary shop light/low bay light instead.

Be Sure To Look At The Fixture Type

Now that you know the height of your ceilings and have established that your location requires high-bay lighting, it is time to shop. It is important to ensure that your high bay light fixtures are high bay-specific. You won’t be pleased if regular lights are used in place of LED or fluorescent high-bay lighting fixtures. High bay lights are only recommended for ceilings with higher ceilings.

The Lumen Output of Every High Bay Lighting Fixture

The output of a light fixture is measured in lumens. It matters more when it is equipped with high-bay fixtures. The lumen output of a fixture that has higher lumens means it will provide more light to your space. A fixture that is placed high must have a higher lumen number to ensure the proper illumination. It will depend on the space available, but high bay fixtures offer powerful illumination and are therefore the best option.

Check out Different Fixture Types Based on the Space

Modern lighting options have greatly expanded the design possibilities for high bay fixtures. There are many types of high bay fixtures available now, including recessed troffers as well as recessed dome lights and mounted bomb proof lighting options. When selecting the right layout and look, it is important that you carefully consider all of the high bay lighting options.

If Possible, Invest In Led High Bay Lighting Fixtures

There are many advantages to opting for LED high bay lights fixtures over other options. LED is able to produce the highest level of light output with very little energy consumption. This means that you can get powerful, bright lighting solutions without having to pay a lot for utilities. LED also gives you more control over important things like color temperature and colour rendering indexes. Although fluorescent high-bay shop lights are still great, there are other types that can be used. LED fixtures will ultimately prove to be a better investment over the long-term.



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