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5 Methods to Make Money With a Discord Server

The platform itself does not offer direct tools to generate income; however, it is possible to achieve this by taking advantage of its infrastructure to perform multiple actions. By using the features and possibilities provided by the service, we will be able to create new ways to monetize Discord .

So how do you make money on Discord? the answer is: with a server. It is necessary that they create servers for commercial purposes for any of the methods that we will provide them, they must comply with the terms and conditions stipulated by the platform. Once you have the business information you need to include when creating your server, you’ll be able to choose from the best ways to generate income with Discord available:

1.Become an advertiser

With this alternative, they will use the previous popularity they have to start, they can use their influence to recommend third-party Discord servers to earn money in return. In this way, the owners will pay them in exchange for the server to advertise their sites to their communities.

This action is developed in the same way as Influence Marketing, since they can establish alliances with brands or other users, to advertise various types of services, products or media content. However, this method is only viable if you have a high influence of engagement on your channel or server.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent alternative to monetize any website or profile on social networks, but it can also be applied to online messaging services such as Discord, so if you know about it, it’s time to apply it.

By creating a server with a specific niche, they will be able to, according to their growth and level of attendance, promote affiliate links and generate commissions for each sale. In this way, the more sales are made, the greater the profit; while increasing their income from increased web traffic.

Create a bot with payment features

Like many other services, it is possible to create bots on Discord, which will be very useful to earn money by taking advantage of the servers. Using the programming language and open codes, they will be able to create bots with basic characteristics that allow them to incorporate functions to enter money, be it to support the content creator, to obtain some benefit or similar ideas.

On the other hand, online you can find a wide variety of free Discord bots , which have been created by users of the platform to add extra features to their channels. They are an excellent option for server owners who do not have programming language knowledge.

However, the best alternative to earn money with a Discord bot is to create it and charge a commission for each time it is installed on another server, in this way they will regularly earn passive income. The important thing in this case is to design bots with different themes, uses and target audiences, but always keeping in mind that the goal is to monetize.

Create special communities for patreonsContent creators have a special advantage in their favor, which is that they have online communities that are generally willing to support their work on crowdfunding platforms like Patreon or Ko-Fi, thereby increasing their chances of generating income.

To succeed by following a joint strategy, you can grant exclusive access to a private server on Discord for all those patrons who show their support on the chosen crowdfunding platform. Being able to obtain special benefits such as having voice conversations, knowing how they make their content through video calls, screen sharing and maintaining greater contact. In this way, they will not only be able to indirectly monetize using Discord, but they will also get closer to the people who support their work.

Organize competitions

Although in recent years the platform has begun to be used for work and recreational purposes, we must remember that the target audience and the largest percentage of its users are video gamers. Therefore, if they manage a server that contains a large community of gamers or video game fans, they can organize tournaments within the server; having as the only requirement to participate the payment of a small amount (such as $1 USD or an amount that is accessible to any user) for registration. In this way, players will be able to share their screens in real time, while other users observe the games played, thus taking advantage of the tools available on the platform and generating income according to the proportion of their community.

On the other hand, to get a good number of players to sign up for the tournament, it is necessary to offer a prize to the winner; which can be a percentage of the total amount collected with the tickets, a previously stipulated figure or an item that is of interest to the participants, but that does not represent a significant expense for the organizer. Thus, people will feel like participating in the tournament and will not mind canceling the small amount of the subscription.



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