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5 Destinations That You Should Book Now

Over the last few decades, the legal cannabis industry has gained some serious momentum. What was previously tarnished as an illicit, hazardous substance has emerged as a potential treatment for widespread medical conditions and ailments? 

Many workers have the cannabis industry to thank for their career switch, with the legal market now supporting more than 321,000 jobs — double the number of jobs recorded in 2018.

Moreover, the plant, which you can find koi delta 8 gummy products, is also widely accepted for its recreational benefits; 18 U.S. states have now legalized the plant for adult-use purposes.

As the number of legal cannabis states grows, so does the tourism sector.

Cannabis tourism presents an opportunity to engage with like-minded people and harness the plant’s therapeutic properties.

From bus tours to cannabis-infused experiences, the options are endless for the budding traveler in quest of mind-altering moments!

Cannabis Tourism is an Economy-Booster and Opportunity for Education

More people than ever before are searching the web for “cannabis tourism” and “420 friendly accommodation.” Analysts from MMGY Travel Intelligence and Enlighten Strategies recently put things into perspective with their Cannabis Tourism: Opportunities, Issues and Strategies report, which revealed that 29 percent of all active leisure travelers and 18 percent of all Americans are keen interest in cannabis-focused activities and education.

On that note, let’s find out which cannabis tourism destinations are worth ticking off the bucket list in 2021:

  • Montevideo, Uruguay – Back in December 2013, President José Mujica signed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis in Uruguay. This destination earns its appeal from being the first country globally to legalize the plant’s sale and consumption. As one of the most widely used drugs in the nation, legalization has significantly boosted the country’s economy. Tourists can usually find many dealers selling the plant at beaches, parties, and even on the streets; practice caution when doing so. A cheaper alternative to Amsterdam, Montevideo allows for possession up to a reasonable amount of 25 grams. For the best choice from sellers, check out a street called “Peatonal Sarandi” in the colonial district of Ciudad Vieja.
  • Jamaica – The possession and consumption of cannabis was decriminalized in Jamaica six years ago. Although individuals are legally allowed to carry and use up to two ounces of cannabis, dispensaries are yet to open their doors. However, don’t fret because the Jamaican government and cannabis-loving Rastafarians have been working hard to transform the country into a haven for cannabis tourism. When tourists arrive at the airport, a cannabis permit can be obtained. This permit enables holders to buy and consume small amounts of cannabis during their time in the country. Since each Jamaican household can grow five cannabis plants, it’s pretty easy to find a seller.
  • Denver, Colorado – As one of the first U.S. states to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, it should come as no surprise that Colorado is featured on the list of must-visit cannabis tourism hotspots. Anyone aged 21 and over can legally purchase weed in Denver, CO. Each dispensary invites residents and tourists to purchase 28 grams (or one ounce) of the green stuff. Conversely, the daily THC limit for edibles is no more than 800 milligrams daily, whereas limits for concentrates – such as shatter, wax, and cannabis oil – are capped at eight grams per day.
  • British Columbia, Canada – Cannabis has been legalized in its entirety across the North American country of Canada. However, possession and consumption laws  vary, depending on the local, provincial and federal rules. Instead of spending your time researching which part of Canada to visit, take our advice and visit BC. Admire the lush greenery of this cannabis culture hub, where fully guided and chauffeured tours can be enjoyed. Expect to find top-grade buds in BC, where the industry generates CAD$6 billion on an annual basis. The provincial minimum age for cannabis consumption in BC is 19.
  • Barcelona – Cannabis has been decriminalized in Spain. In particular, the Spanish city of Barcelona attracts a diverse crowd of 420 lovers. Smoking and possession of the plant is legal, so long as it happens inside a licensed cannabis club or home. Public consumption is prohibited, so keep this in mind if you want to avoid the long arm of the law! Unlike Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops (which can be accessed by just about anyone,) Barcelona’s cannabis clubs require membership. More than 300 clubs of this kind exist, with the majority clustered in the “Ciutat Vella” quarter.


Before you pack your bags and set off on a plane journey or road trip to one of the cannabis tourism destinations, there are a few things you should take into account. 

For example, set aside some time to research local laws for non-residents. It’s also worth getting up to code with the rules for each place you stay. One such method involves finding an accredited government website that can easily be referred to before the trip commences.

Don’t ignore the importance of selecting a suitable starting point on your 420-focused journey since this will ensure you don’t get high in uncomfortable surroundings! Furthermore, cannabis tourists should always consider precisely how they will get around. 

Driving is not recommended post-consumption, but since many of the cannabis above tourist destinations offer commendable public transportation systems, moving from “A” to “B” shouldn’t be a problem.



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