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5 Best Travel-inspired Subscription Boxes for The Next Adventure

How do you prefer to travel? Your travel style may be different from others. For example, you may enjoy exploring the city by spending the night in beautiful hotels, or maybe, you prefer a wild way, diving into nature and sleeping in a tent under the stars.  

Whatever your preference is, you want to ensure that the trip is memorable and fun. To ensure that, you need something more than just booking a ticket. The thing is, we quickly get bored of everyday things. We need something new to discover all the time to improve our experiences and memories.  

That’s where subscription boxes come in! Subscription boxes are an excellent way of receiving new products or services regularly — often for a monthly fee — without having to do any searching yourself. You can take advantage of these services while also saving money by getting discounts on items you might not have otherwise purchased. 

If you love traveling, then here are fantastic outdoors monthly subscription boxes that will help make planning your trip even easier: 


BattlBox is a subscription service that delivers monthly mystery boxes with tactical gear, survival items, and adventure gear. Every month, the box comes with a different theme and is curated based on the season. 

Each box contains various high-end items, with an average value of $100+. The items range from outdoor essentials like flashlights, knives, and water bottles to tactical clothing and accessories like socks and hats. The themes for each box change frequently and can be anything from survival tools to camping gear. 

Subscribers love this box because it allows them to discover new brands they might not have known about before. Also, it gives you the chance to try out products before committing to buy them at full price. 

subscription box

Crate Club 

Crate Club is a monthly subscription box for travel lovers. Each month, you’ll receive a curated collection of perfect products for your next trip.  

Each month, Crate Club subscribers will receive a box filled with several items from travel-related brands like Sea to Summit, Roka Bags, etc. They also have a specific theme each month so that you can plan your next adventure based on your Crate Club box! In addition, the company offers subscriptions to all people, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. 


GlobeIn subscription box features handcrafted products worldwide. Each box contains 4-5 items, including food, home decor, beauty products, and toys. The items are sourced from over 60 countries, so you can get a taste of the world without leaving your home. 

Every month, you’ll receive 4-5 items handpicked from over 60 countries worldwide — food, home decor, beauty products, toys, and more! That’s over $75 worth of products each month! So, if there’s an item that you don’t love, you can swap it for something else. It’s like having a personal shopper who scours the globe for unique treasures for you! 

Little Global Citizens 

Are you tired of your kids constantly asking to see the world? This subscription box is a perfect way to help them learn about different cultures. It’s also an ideal way to teach them the importance of getting to know other countries and their customs.  

The Little Global Citizens subscription box is filled with fun and educational activities to help your child learn about other cultures and countries. Each month, subscribers get an assortment of items in your child’s age range (0-6 years old) that have been handpicked by experts in education, development, and child psychology. 

The box comes with various items like books, games, toys, art supplies, etc. It also comes with lesson plans to go along with each month’s theme so you can teach your child about the world in a fun way! 

Little Global Citizens offers subscriptions for both boys and girls and multiples if you have more than one child. You can choose between three different options: monthly ($29), 3-month ($90), or 6-month ($180).

Universal Yums 

Universal Yums is the perfect choice for anyone who loves trying new snacks but doesn’t have time to try them all. They curate a box of food from around the world, so you can keep your taste buds guessing. 

The boxes are filled with 8-10 international treats handpicked by their team of experts. They have a subscription option as well as a one-time buy option. You can also sign up for the Universal Yums newsletter to get updates on new products and more information about the subscription boxes. 

This subscription box is an excellent gift for any traveler in your life, especially if they like trying new things and expanding their horizons. 


Hopefully, we’ve helped you in your search for the perfect travel box to add to your collection. If you’re still uncertain about which option would be best for you, carefully consider each subscription’s price point, content quality, and purpose. You can’t go wrong with Battlbox and Crate Club. 

Read other reviews if you can, or ask around from friends who’ve subscribed to these boxes. Either way, there’s no wrong way to choose a subscription box – just make sure that it suits your needs and expectations. 



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