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4 steps to create an anonymous bitcoin wallet

It’s important to remain untraceable, especially when you are trading in crypto.

You cannot expect that exposing your address won’t have unwanted consequences. So, it’s pretty much clear how much importance remaining anonymous on the blockchain network holds.

This blog will act as a step guide that will help you create an anonymous wallet and remain safe on the network.

  1. The first step is to get an anonymous hardware and software wallet: 

It’s almost the same as when you have a huge amount with you and you are travelling alone, you never know who might be keeping track of you! Right?

When you think about this, your first step when creating an anonymous wallet should be to protect yourself.

You can begin this process by buying an inexpensive laptop and removing its hard drive.

Moving on and talking about the software which you can use, is a debatable topic. You can argue about it all day long.

Many old traders suggest you can use the Tor network using TAILS.

TAILS  facilitate maintaining anonymity while you’re on the web and leave almost no track on the device that you’re currently using.

TAILS is a live  DVD that makes sure to secure your anonymity online.

And an important thing to consider here is you should never connect to the network using your home network.

Take it easy, get familiar with Linux, using TAILS for a few days. And then, you can go ahead by booting up to the LiveCD and establishing a connection, once you finally feel familiar with it.

Then on, you can surf using the Tor network, and ensure that you’re going to be safe on the network.

  1. Create an anonymous bitcoin wallet: 

You’ve now reached a point where you can create a bitcoin wallet.

The best and easiest way is to use the code at bitaddress.org according to experts

These are the following steps you can use:

  • Save bitaddress.org.html to your device.
  • Close the browser.
  • Disable the WiFi on your device.
  • Open bitaddress.org.html in the browser.
  • Generate an address and then record your private keys.
  • Close the browser window.

Sounds pretty simple?

But it’s easier said than done. Maintaining anonymity is hard and crucial when you want to trade in the riskiest digital currency and remain safe with your money.

So, you must first create an anonymous wallet, and then move ahead with your transactions and storing digital currency.

Making an anonymous wallet?

Well, yes you should if you haven’t already!

  1. Funding: 

This one is not an easy task, in fact, the most arguable part of the entire process: funding your wallet.

You would think you’d use some site to fund it. But for that, you’d need to link your bank account before sending funds to your anonymous address. And, that I think would not be a good move.

The best advice we can give you here is, to make cash deposits through sites such as BitInstant or ZipZap.

You can provide made-up details instead of your personal actual information, like the email you create using the Tor network. And you know you can do this from Yahoo or Hotmail, right?

You won’t have to give your personal information like a phone number or email id to sign up.  That’s the biggest advantage you get here!

You need to ensure, then, that your new account forwards your emails to your other account.

You’d be required to use your email for confirmation only once, I believe.

After this process, you can create a new address with every deposit, to remain safe on the web and trade easily.

  1. Spending with the anonymous wallet?


Very much! Right?

As mentioned above already, you buy bitcoins via TAILS and can use a lite client as Electrum, as well for the purpose.

And with TAILS or Electrum, access your account.

Every time you want to spend on something, you’ll be asked to re-download, but the process is hassle-free and fast. Once the access is granted, you can send via your wallet easily while also maintaining your anonymity on the web.



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