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4 Ideas to Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Fun for Adults

A Fine Excuse to Socialize

You were a child once. Don’t you remember at least one, maybe two or three, big birthday parties? Your whole second or third-grade class was there, you took over the Chuck-E-Cheese, and one of your friends broke the animatronic rat. You still laugh about that when you see Johnny at the pub as an adult.

You want to give your youngster the same experience, but something you and Johnny didn’t think about when you were little is the logistics behind a child’s birthday party. None of you could drive, and none of you had money. Those things were the parents’ job! And indeed, they performed—but they had to jump through some hoops.

As an adult now, unless it was your child’s birthday party or the birthday party of Johnny Junior, you would probably find an excuse not to be involved. If a single mom you’re dating dragged you along, you wouldn’t be thrilled. Things don’t have to be that way.

Following are four ideas to help make a kids’ birthday party fun for the adults that have to act as chauffeurs for their over-sugared children.

  1. Give the Adults Something to Do

The biggest difficulty for adults at such events might be a lack of available activities. Sure, the guys might have a few beers in the backyard, but that could be dangerous on the ride home; especially if a few moms get the same idea.

Kid’s Birthday Party

What you might do is put together some craft ideas for the adults at the party. The ladies will like something a bit more “crafty” along traditional home-making segues. With guys, you might give them an opportunity to build something out in the garage—act like you need help with it.

2. Hold the Event Somewhere Fun for Everyone

Another good move is having the event somewhere fun for children and adults. If the child is around ten years old, reserve a room at Dave & Buster’s, or somewhere like that. Everybody can have a ball with a few arcade games for a couple of hours.

3. Plan Far Enough in Advance to Offset Any Avoidable Stress

Don’t plan the event at midnight the day before. Sure, many stores are open all night; you might find a cake and some gifts at Walmart during the small hours. But getting your child’s friends there will involve leaning on your own friends, and they won’t like that. Instead, try to get invitations sent out 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

4. Get Entertainment for the Kids to Reduce Adult Responsibility

Here’s the real reason big children’s events have entertainers like clowns: so the adults don’t have to “helicopter” around their kids all day. A little children’s entertainment helps keep all the kids “busy” for a while. You’re giving the adults a break to socialize.

5. Find Ways of Making the Best of It

Kids’ entertainment, planning in advance, booking the event at venues everyone can enjoy, and providing activities for adults represent a fine recipe to ensure not just children have fun when your youngster has a birthday. Hopefully, these ideas at least help you figure out the best angle for planning your child’s next party.



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