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4 Benefits Of Short-Term Accommodation

NDIS provides a wide range of support to its participants, and accommodation is one of them, three types of accommodation are covered under NDIS, including short-term, medium-term, and specialist disability accommodation. All these support offer different duration and are set for different participants.

You can get accommodation added to your NDIS plan by requesting it in the NDIA meeting; NDIS will provide you funds for the housing if your request is found necessary and reasonable.

Short-Term Accommodation

Short-term accommodation (STA) allows the participants to have respite care; in this accommodation, you get a chance to stay out of your house for a brief period. It gives you time away to clear your mind and also helps your carers in family and friends to spend some time alone. You can get short-term accommodation at the place of your liking for up to 14 days. You can get assistance in daily living to have a service provider care for you while you live away from your home, and it has the following benefits.

Ebenezer Mission provides NDIS short-term accommodation in Sydney and allows you to stay at a place of your choice for a short period of time; you can enjoy new things and remain in peace under the care of their dedicated support workers.

Benefits Of Short-Term Accommodation

Gives A Chance To Try New Things

If you are someone who likes to try new things but is bound at home, short-term accommodation is an excellent chance for you to learn new hobbies. You can live in a community of your choice, which might help you in meeting like-minded people. You can try new things with your new friends and have an incredible experience. You might end up developing new hobbies, and it will help you be entertained even after your time as your STA has completed.

Breaks Usual Routine

Some people get bored of their routine tasks and might need a break to get their minds sorted. Short-term accommodation helps you to break free from your boring routine and enjoy some time away doing what you like. Doing the same tasks every day can be tiresome, and it is not healthy for your mind to stay in one place all the time. Through short-term accommodation, NDIS allows you to break the cycle, and you can come back with a fresh mind.

Improves Independence

The main goal of NDIS is to help the participants lead independent lives. Short-term accommodation improves your chances of having an independent life away from your family and friends. You can make your decision without anyone’s interference. You can also practice doing your routine tasks by yourself like cooking your meals and travelling by public transport.

Develops New Skills

When you live by yourself, there is more you can learn from your surroundings. You will need to perform the tasks that otherwise your family or friends did for you; short-term accommodation gives the participants a chance to learn new life skills that also help them become more independent.

Why Is It Important?

Participants can benefit from NDIS daily assistance and other services regardless of their accommodation, they can get support in their family home or anywhere they want, but a new view and place might be the critical component in improving their living conditions. A change in what is required to make a more significant impact sometimes. A fresh perspective can help them learn new things, and some experiences can give them a different view of things. Short-term accommodation provides a chance to have some time away from responsibilities for everyone.

If you want to know more about NDIS short-term accommodation in Sydney and other services related to NDIS, reach out to Ebenezer Mission now and let their team of professional support workers serve you as best as possible.



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