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2 passport by Investment- No donation required!

Is it accurate to say that you are considering dual citizenship for yourself and your family? The explanations behind considering second citizenship varies from person to person and his requirements. These may include a superior way of life, future security or the option to travel. The one thing which everyone clearly keeps into thought when hoping to gain second citizenship is cost. There are a few simple citizenship by investment projects to look through, a large portion of which are offered by the Caribbean nations. Below are the most well known ones, 

  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment; 
  • St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program; 
  • Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment; 
  • Grenada Citizenship by Investment; 
  • St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Dual citizenship by investment VS. Donation

In a great deal of projects without a “donation” necessity, you will in general benefit for it by means of some other secret methods. Mainly there will in general be an open door cost, as governments regularly utilize their visa by travelling plans to push enterprises that they’re profound on – Europe is pushing land and new businesses, for instance. 

Frequently, it will be obviously clear how the civil servants may have a hidden enthusiasm for the issue, similar to the case in a portion of the Caribbean land programs where just a little cut of the accessible land is permitted to qualify. It may not at first appear to be along these lines, however it may be simpler and less expensive to just cut a check and make the donation to get a second identification. In spite of the fact that, likewise with Turkey’s program, there are a few resources waiting to be discovered. You can look at all the citizenship by investment programs here.

Citizenship by Investment program? Reliable or not!

Citizenship by investment is the way toward getting a dual citizenship and visa by putting resources into the economy of the host nation. Citizenship by investment programs legally present citizenship status quicker than regular migration forms and do as such without expecting investors to require their lives to be postponed.


Numerous nations offer citizenship by investment programs. The quantity of these projects is continually expanding as an ever increasing number of nations understand the financial satisfactory conditions of making their ways for foreigner investors. Below are the countries which offer dual citizenship by investment options.

    • Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by Investment 
  • Dominica citizenship by Investment 
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by Investment 
  • Grenada citizenship by Investment 
  • Saint Lucia citizenship by Investment

Reasons why you should go for investment options to avail a dual citizenship:

There are two main reasons why individuals should consider acquiring international IDs by Investment. 


Gaining second citizenship, or cancelling your present nationality, can spare you a great many dollars on a yearly basis, depending upon your source of salary and business structure. Other than that, you can open the entryway for an plenty of chances. 


We live in a time where we don’t exactly have a clue what’s going on tomorrow, and the following time stays a total puzzle. You would prefer not to be in a situation throughout the following hardly any years where individuals like you are focused on (by means of a riches charge, personal expense, and progressively even disorder), you need a leave methodology.

Advantages of dual Citizenship 

  • Flexibility and visa free travel opportunity (visa waiver) 
  • Security, protection and insurance from war, political issues 
  • Double resident status 
  • Better education for kids. 
  • Chance to put resources into worldwide land markets. 
  • Taxation expecting overall salary 
  • Simplicity of working together

 How winvested consultancy can help you to secure your future?

We can say that however the Caribbean islands are attractive and offer easy citizenship as compared with European projects. Simple citizenship by travelling programs are well known choices since they will probably permit you to head out to a bigger number of nations than is possibly utilizing your current identification. You despite everything perhaps won’t consider for all time moving to those islands. Depending upon what you are hoping to achieve for yourself and your family. Our winvested consultancy Services in Dubai with a group of extremely professional experts can offer you the best customized and all covering answer for all your needs.



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