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14 Travel Tips to Protect Oneself While Traveling During the Corona Virus Outbreak

We are all going through a difficult and toiling period, a battle of survival against COVID-19.To protect yourself when traveling during the novel corona virus, here are 14 travel tips according to Safe Driver UAE.

  1. The only way to keep away from the transmission of the corona virus is to follow strong self-hygienic steps.
  2. Hand-washing is very important throughout the day to reduce any chance of spreading the corona virus. All you’ll need is water and soap.
  3. It is strongly recommended to cancel especially unwelcome travel plans. Make sure you follow a tight grooming regimen if you have an urgent travel to be done.
  4. Always remember, a virus’ lifespan ranges from a few hours to a few days, from surfaces to surfaces. When you come into contact with different surfaces it is vital to take safety measures.
  5. Do not cover your head, nose or mouth with unwashed hands because coronavirus will spread easily from your hands to your neck.
  6. Hand washing is essential after travelling, especially during this corona virus outbreak, to kill different types of germs and viruses from your hands. Virus can quickly spread by contact and in the form of respiratory fluids from one surface to another.
  7. Washing your hands the right way will destroy the virus and stop spreading. The World Health Organization has suggested that hands be washed with soap and water for about 20 seconds.
  8. While you’re travelling, soap and sanitizer hand washing is not always a practical matter to do. You should use alcohol-based portable hand sanitizers because they are easy to bring when you are traveling.
  9. When using a hand sanitizer or using soap and water, make sure to apply it to your fingertips, elbows, feet, between your toes, nails and back of your hands to destroy the infection.
  10. When sneezing or coughing, make sure that you cover your face and nose with a towel or cloth to avoid the spread of respiratory fluids.
  11. If you are going to face a crowd or enter high-risk areas it is necessary to use masks and hand gloves.
  12. In vehicles such as steering, handles and other areas, pay attention to high contact areas because they are sensitive to constant pressure. Sanitize your hand directly after entering those places.
  13. When you drive your own car, then adding a disinfectant to high-touch areas will help kill off germs on the surface. Any disinfectant with a minimum alcohol content of 70 percent can help remove coronavirus from surfaces.
  14. When using soap and water to wash your face, make sure to cover the faucet with a towel and dispose of it immediately. This keeps you from actually touching an unclean object after cleaning.

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