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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bacardi Rum

Rum is popular among alcoholic drinkers. It contains yeast, water, and sugarcane molasses. After undergoing fermentation, the ingredients are distilled and blended properly. Bacardi Limited is a well-known company known for dealing with white rum. However, its current portfolio comprises over 200 brands. The dark, sweet drink has gained popularity all over the world. Let us share the most important facts about Bacardi rum.

Bacardi rum produced in Puerto Rico:

Bacardi acquired the largest rum distillery located in Puerto Rico. That is why the production capacity of the company is also high. It is another reason for developing a global presence with Bacardi rum.

White oak barrels used for Bacardi rum:

Carefully selected oak barrels are used to provide you with ageing spirits. Don Facundo associated with the company experimented with the results of the blend of the liquor and the wood. With home testing, he found that American oak barrels used for ageing rum produce excellent outcomes.

Bacardi rum is well-balanced:

When you taste a Bacardi rum variant, you will not find any dominant flavour, overpowering others. Bacardi founder, Don Facundo, used to age the rum bases to create distinctive flavour profiles. He blended them to make the result well-balanced.

Gold rum from Bacardi has remarkable tasting notes:

Amber rum or gold rum is available with smooth, rich flavours. Bacardi has used toasted oak barrels for ageing the rum. The distinctive feature of the rum is that it comes with a mellow character. You can use the rum to prepare a bold and punchy cocktail.

Bacardi provides spiced rum:

Using charred oak barrels, Bacardi provides its customers with aged rum. Rum lovers prefer the smokiness found in this drink. The best fact is that Bacardi Spiced is free from gluten. It has a blend of different spices and natural flavours. You will experience a smooth taste while sipping the wine.

Dark rums – the most luscious one:

Bacardí dark rums are available in different colours ranging from rich brown to deep red. You can make a mixture of gold rum and dark rum for your cocktails. The gorgeous rich rums will give you the best experience.

Bacardi rum and fruit juices:

Bacardi always mixes well with various fruit juices. So, if you want to get a fruity flavour, you may create a mixture of Bacardi rum and pineapple juice. You can also choose strawberry puree. 

Bacardi tastes amazing with soda:

Bacardí is available with caramel-like vanilla flavours. You may also pair the rum with soda water. Get the refreshing sensation with this creative blend.

No fat content in Bacardí rum:

The best fact about Bacardi white rum is that it contains no fat or cholesterol. However, the composition has 19 g of alcohol. So, if you want to avoid fat, you can consider drinking Bacardi rum.

Bacardi offers ready-to-drink cocktails:

Bacardi provides cocktails packed with flavoured rums. It ranges from crisp raspberry to sweet coconut. You may also create your own unique recipes to get a remarkable taste.

So, these are some facts about Bacardi rum. Check the collection of Bacardi and make your purchase.



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