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10 Animals That Mate for Life

Lifelong bonds between couples are rare within the world of animals. Humans tend to see them as a faithful species however when it comes to real devotion, other animals provide more ways to maintain a an intimate relationship. Below are eleven animals that have a relationship for the rest of their lives.


Gibbons are the closest cousins to humans, and they are able to mate for the rest of their lives. They have extremely strong bonds in pairs and show the lowest levels of sexual dimorphism. This implies that females and males from the same species are similar size, which is which is a proof that both genders are an equal basis.

Coupled males and females are likely to spend time grooming one another and (literally) being among the trees. Their bond is strengthened by their time grooming. However, these relationships aren’t so simple as they seem. In the event of a couple philandering or even dropping an mate the gibbon breeding culture is beginning to appear more sombre.


Swans have monogamous couple bonds which last for years In some cases, they can be a part of your the rest of their lives. Their devotion to their companions is so well-known that the picture of two swans swimming in the water with their necks interspersed in the form that of hearts has been an almost universal symbol of love.

One species that is the mute swan is a mate for life, with the exception of specific circumstances. If one of the female or male muteswan dies in the process, the remaining partner usually is able to find a replacement. When the male bird swan partners with an older female she will join her territory. However, if they mate with younger swan, she will join his. Female mute swans generally discover a new partner quickly usually one of the younger males. birds facts

The reason that birds stay together for life isn’t as glamorous as it appears but. When you consider the amount of time required to move to establish territories, incubate, and rear youngsters, spending more time to find a partner could reduce the amount of time it takes to reproduce.

Black Vultures

A good appearance is not the sole requirement to have the enduring relationship. In fact, the black vulture society ensures this. They are recognized for their attacks on other vultures who are being caught in a philandering situation.Researchers studied DNA fingerprints as evidence to investigate the monogamy of the black vulture

. The study, published in Behavioral Ecology revealed that black vultures remain together all year long. 1 They also share the responsibility of the incubation process and feeding their children equally, and taking turns taking turns sitting on eggs. Couples who parent together remain together.It is unlikely that you will ever see an French angelfish on its own. These fish are able to travel, live and even hunt in groups.

They form monogamous relationships that can last throughout the time that both remain alive. Actually they work as a team to defend their territory from rival groups, especially during the their spawning season.Researchers have also seen two of these fish that are cruising towards the surface of the water to let their eggs out and release join their sperm.


Oft depicted as tricksters and con performers in folklore popular The wolf family is a lifestyle that’s much more committed than their rogue. In most cases, packs comprise of a female, a male and their offspring, making groups of wolves that resemble the nuclear family. The older offspring also help to care for children.

Males of the Alpha race, however, tend to “cheat” on their spouses.Sometimes, a single animal may be accepted into a group. A pack may consist of 3 or 4 wolves up to up to 20 according to the amount of food available in the region.

Albatross can fly long

distances across oceans, however, despite its long-distance trips, this bird will always be back to the same spot and the same person when it’s the right time to breed. Couple bonds between males and females are formed over time and endure for a lifetime that are strengthened by the use of silly yet affectionate ritual dances.

In actual fact the birds will be courting one another for a long time using these dances to select the ideal partner. Albatross are only able to lay one egg per year, so it’s crucial that it selects the right partner to raise its small amount of eggs.

The reality isn’t as simple as it appears however. As per the Ocean Conservancy, albatross can be “socially monogamous” however, it can also engage in “extra-pair cohabitation”: “Albatross will mate with another bird who isn’t their partner in life while still maintaining their life relationship with their partner. Although to some, it may sound like something that isn’t right but it’s not uncommon in nature.”


In a ant colony queens will mate together with the male(s) and then keeps the gametes for future use, and male ants die soon after mating. However, a variety of species of termites have permanent pair bonds between the female “queen” and one male “king” who create their own kingdom.

Termites are known to stick with the same family for long periods of duration. They can stay together for up to twenty years in certain species. If termites break into two, the situation can turn ugly, according to Janet Shellman-Reeve, a researcher at Cornell University. She observed that breakups of relationships are usually followed with physical aggression. Termites could chew off their antennas for example.

Prairie Voles

While rodents generally have a reputation for their promiscuity, prairie voles are a break from the norm by forming monogamous pairs that can last for a life time. In actual fact this species is often considered to be the animal model of monogamy among humans. They gather and groom each to each other, take on the responsibility of nesting and raising pups and generally exhibit an extremely supportive behaviour. If a member dies, both partners display an expression of sorrow.

When a vole male exhibits even the slightest hint of there’s no way he’s going to hang in the midst of babies’ births The female will take him with the scruff of the neck. This isn’t always necessary but, at the very least”vole” means “love. “vole” can be a syllable of love.

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