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Recycling Old Vehicle

Leaving or dumping your car is the worst thing you can possibly do to your car after it has provided you with years of service and memories to enjoy for a lifetime. Dumping it will increase the environmental waste. The best possible way to deal with an old vehicle or a vehicle that has reached its limit is to give it up for recycling.

Recycling or scraping of the vehicle is a complex process and authorized centres need to follow regulations and rules thoroughly. Recycling cuts down waste material from being abandoned in nature and causing harm to the environment. The fuels and fluids from the abandoned vehicles can cause potential harm to the environment.

Selling your car or vehicle to scrap means giving it up for recycling. Authorized and approve dealers can be easily found in your area.

What is vehicle recycling?

Vehicle recycling is the process of dismantling vehicles  or reusing their materials like fluids, metals, batteries, glass, window frames, rubbers. Recycling does not only mean using a product again and again after repair but also means reducing the production. Vehicles are one such thing where the parts have more value than the material as a whole.

After the parts of the vehicles have been recovered and repaired, these very parts can be used in other vehicles; this is

called remanufacturing of vehicles in industry level language.

The scraping is done in the following manner-

  1. The vehicle is treated properly
  2. Depollution process is conducted
  3. Hazardous materials are removed
  4. Fluids and fuels are stored
  5. Recycling or reusing is done
  6. Disposing of the waste material according to the environmental act

Process of Recycling the car

You can use the internet to search for the scrap agency or look in your area for the agency to sell your car for recycling. Your vehicle number would be stored along with your name, contact, maker of the vehicle, model number, year of the vehicle produced and purchased, and in return you will receive a quote. The amount received by you would be based on the above mentioned details along with the condition of your vehicle and its parts.

The vehicle will get ready for dismantling and scaping in the facility. Parts will be either replaced or recycled. The hazardous fluids and fuels will be stored in secured areas. Glass, metals, tyres can be easily removed and recycled and used in other vehicles.

The batteries are removed and recycled. Since car batteries can be used in other charging stations, factories, buildings, etc. The airbags are deployed without risking it to explode.

The tyres are inspected properly, if they seem not to be fit, they would be used for creating road surfaces; others have to be recycled as a mandatory rule. The seats, steering, and all the additional parts would be taken out for recycling, the body of the car would be shredded via the shredding machine, wind turbines and magnets are used to differentiate the shredded materials to be recycled and reused later.



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